Two Gay Expats - Mykonos - Elia Gay Nude Beach

Are you planning to visit gay Sitges and deciding which gay beach to visit? No worries, we have you covered! Keep reading as we highlight the top three best gay beaches in Sitges!

First up on our list is Bassa Rodona, which is the city’s main gay beach. It’s located just a 10 minute walk from the train station directly behind the Picnic Restaurant.

Two Gay Expats - Sitges, Spain - Bassa Rodona
Bassa Rodona - Sitges, Spain

Here you’ll find lounge chairs for rent as well as beachside massages. It’s not well marked but just look for the gay flags, and of course, the sexy guys in speedos!

For those of you willing to travel a little further and perhaps be more adventurous, the next two beaches on our list are both gay and nude!

Two Gay Expats - Sitges, Spain - Cala Balmins
Cala Balmins - Sitges, Spain

The closer of the two clothing optional/nude gay beaches is Balmins Beach, which is about a 15-20 minute walk from the train station directly east. Here you’ll find a beach bar as well as nice foot showers which we really loved so you’re not walking back into town all sandy. 

Two Gay Expats - Sitges, Spain - Balmins Beach Dusk
Sunset At Balmins Beach

As a bonus, if you continue along the footpath around to the other side of Balmins, you’ll find the rocks by the marina and our favorite spot for sunset!

Last but not least on our list is our absolute favorite and the best gay beach in Sitges. Playa del Muerto or Beach of the Dead has been a popular gay nude beach since the 1930s! It’s located 45-50 minutes hiking along the sea and railroad tracks just beyond the southern limits of Sitges. This secluded cove continues to be a ‘go to’ meeting spot for the LGBTQI+ community! Thankfully, there’s also a beach bar here with stunning views of the beach, sea, and of course, the guys below! This beach is a must on any gay trip to Sitges, especially for our fellow hikers, as the gorgeous hike to Playa del Muerto is another reason why we love this beach so much!

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