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South Africa

LGBTQ+ Rights in South Africa

Back in 1996, South Africa was the first nation in the world to explicitly prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in its Constitution. South Africa was also just the fifth country in the world and the first in Africa to legalize same-sex marriage in November of 2006. Only the Netherlands (2001), Belgium (2003), Spain (2005) and Canada (2005) preceded the country in passing this important legislation.

While female homosexuality has always been legal in South Africa, male homosexuality was not legal until 1998 when anti-LGBT discrimination in employment was also banned.

With respect to other LGBT+ rights, men who have sex with men can donate blood in South Africa provided they have had no new sexual partners in the last six months and not more than one sexual partner during that period. It’s the same rule for all people since a gender neutral policy was implemented in 2014. In addition, transgender individuals can change their legal gender without reassignment surgery (hormone therapy required at a minimum), and LGBT+ people can serve openly in the military. Single LGBT+ and same sex couples can also adopt.

Overall, South Africa continues to be a leader in LGBT+ protections and shines as a beacon of acceptance for all. The country is often referred to as the rainbow nation to describe its diversity with people of all colors and from all backgrounds. While work always needs to be done to improve public opinion and keep hard fought protections from reversing, South Africa is moving forward in a positive direction. Check out the posts below as we highlight some of our favorite gay and gay-friendly travel destinations in South Africa!

Gay Movie Inspiration

While it's certainly not a feel good movie, Moffie, a derogatory word for gay men in Afrikaans shows just how far and how fast times have changed for the better in South Africa since the 1980's. The movie poignantly follows a young man as he completes his brutal two years of compulsory military service while desperately maintaining the secrecy of his homosexuality.

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