Two Gay Expats - Oaxaca - Los Danzantes - Appetizers

If the way to a man’s heart is truly through his stomach, then be prepared to fall in love with Oaxaca! Read on to learn about the best restaurants and bars in Mexico’s culinary capital! 

Oaxaca cuisine is as varied as the climates and mix of peoples who call the state home. Some of the most well known products include Oaxaca cheese, chocolate, and of course, mezcal. Mezcal is produced from the agave plant like its more famous export: Tequila. We love substituting mezcal for tequila in our margaritas or negronis, and mezcal is gaining popularity both in Mexico and abroad. There is a saying in Oaxaca, “Para todo mal, mezcal, para todo bien, también.”  

For everything bad, mezcal; for everything good, the same.

Two Gay Expats - Oaxaca - Casa Oaxaca - Salsa
Salsa with Grasshoppers!

Oaxaca is also the land of seven moles which are prepared with a variety of chili peppers like pasillas Oaxaqueños and herbs like pitiona. We quickly began to recognize both of these ingredients on menus or in a table side explanations. We also noted the omnipresence of grasshoppers or chapulines everywhere from the artwork in our room to ingredients on menus at the city’s top restaurants. Locals say if you eat grasshoppers, at some point you will return to Oaxaca, so why not?

Pro tip – Reserve a mezcal and/or mole tasting as soon as possible on arrival in Oaxaca. You’ll learn which mezcals and moles you prefer when eating and drinking your way through the city. Here’s one fun and fabulous option to make mezcal-based cocktails!

Insert drumroll. Here is the full list of our favorites, the best restaurants and bars in Oaxaca:

1. Chepiche Café – Our ‘go to’ breakfast
2. Boulenc – Amazing bakery-cafe
3. Vaca Marina – Best Negroni
4. Catedral – Classic lunch spot
5. Tierra del Sol – Gorgeous rooftop
6. Casa Oaxaca – Foodie staple
7. Pitiona – Best lunch with a view
8. Los Danzantes – Our top pick for best restaurant
9. El Destilado – Best dinner at the bar
10. Selva – Our top pick for best cocktail bar

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