Celebrity Apex Cruise Review

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Celebrity Apex Cruise Review

Are you interested in cruising on Celebrity’s newest ship, the Celebrity Apex? Is it gay friendly? Keep reading as we’re going to tell you everything you need to know!

First, we want to cover the fact that both Celebrity Cruises and the Celebrity Apex are super gay friendly. We quickly realized that Celebrity acknowledges the gay community in pretty much everything they do from hiring to advertising down to the content of the production shows! And with crew from all over the world, the ship felt incredibly diverse and inclusive!

Now let’s discuss stateroom choices. Most of the cabins on the Edge class of ships offer an infinite balcony which is basically an air conditioned “balcony” area with a window that lowers. If you’re like us, we opted for a more unique option and chose the veranda with porthole view. We wanted to be fully outside, and this veranda type stateroom has a floor to ceiling sliding door that opens to the outside. To be fair, we said we would be happy with any stateroom on this ship as we spent very little time there!

Moving to the inside of our stateroom, the space felt luxurious and well…spacious! The room included high quality bedding, plentiful storage, multiple charging stations, a desk, a day bed/couch, modern artwork, electronic temperature and lighting controls, and an all white bathroom with glass shower that could easily accommodate two! We were very pleased. And our amazing stateroom attendant kept it immaculately clean when we left for breakfast and always provided fresh towels and turn down service nightly as well.

After cabin selection, you’ll need to think about food and drinks as well as wifi. We highly recommend booking early enough for Celebrity Anytime to be included with your cruise. At the time of this writing, Celebrity Anytime includes the four main dining rooms (Tuscan was our favorite!), the classic drink package, wifi for surfing not streaming, and gratuities. Celebrity Anytime was more than enough for us ‘as is’ without any upgrades. We were also happy that we didn’t have to constantly pay for things and could just relax with everything included!

Of note and pro tips: please note the minibar is not included with the classic drink package. We also love sparkling water like Pellegrino for example, but we opted for club soda with ice and a lemon or lime which is included on the classic drinks package. We were happy to save the extra cash from the premium drinks package upgrade. We were also confused where our classic drinks package would be honored? Good news! You could order drinks that are included with the classic package anywhere on the ship from the main dining rooms, to all the bars including the pool and sunset bars, and even the specialty restaurants like Eden. It is true, we could sadly not order a martini from the Martini Bar, but we could from The Club next door, and then bring it over OR enjoy one of the delicious Malbec wines offered at the Martini Bar. Each bar had a different menu but once you learned the menus, you could bounce around and even take your preferred beverage wherever it wanted to go or even your room. Celebrity has a side by side drinks package comparison on their website to help you make the final decision whether to upgrade. Finally, be sure to buy one or two allowed bottles of your favorite wine or champagne to bring on board with you and board as early as possible to enjoy the boat with very few people on it!

For entertainment and the amazing production shows, we did not need any tickets on our sailing. We simply showed up 10-20 minutes in advance which was more than enough to pick our favorite seats. Ours was the 8th sailing on the Celebrity Apex, and we only had 800 pax on a ship with a capacity of 2,900 pax. To confirm for your sailing, simply check the Celebrity App before your sailing for all planning options, including making dining reservations and excursion choices in advance if preferred.

Regarding the production shows, please don’t miss Caravan in The Club. It was super hot with jaw dropping acts. Crystallize was perhaps our favorite show in The Theater, and it was full of high energy musical acts, acrobats, aerialists, and of course brilliantly executed sound and light using Celebrity Apex’s giant LED screen. We also really enjoyed the campy rendition of Caravan in Eden which also had our favorite bartender who made the absolute perfect Negronis!

Overall, our fears cruising–of lines and being herded on and off the boat like cattle–were quickly put to rest. Celebrity does an amazing job of scheduling and having so many activities, you will be spoiled for choice.

As far as the tenders go at ports where we anchored, we were always able to take the next one and never waited more than 5-10mins. In addition, when we we returned to the ship, the crew provided us with ice cold towels and fresh water as well! Celebrity has thought of everything!

To wrap this up, one final quick story. On our last night on the Celebrity Apex, we returned to Eden at the back of the ship. We were pleasantly surprised to have the entire venue overlooking Santorini all to ourselves, complete with two bartenders and a four piece band! The band came over to introduce themselves, ask for song requests, and even invited Andy up to play on the keys with them! It was a spectacular ending to our cruise!

For more visuals of our cruise, be sure to check out our YouTube video posted above as well as our YouTube videos documenting our adventures in each port! They’re packed with helpful ideas and tips! Bon Voyage!



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